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2018 Business Lecture Series #1:

China “One Belt One Road” – The Effect on U.S. Companies



On February 22, 2018, the first lecture of 2018 Chinese Chamber Business Lecture Series “China – One Belt One Road (OBOR) – The effect on U.S. companies” has started. 


During the morning, Mr. Larry Zgrabik, from OOCL Logistics presented “The Development of the OBOR - New Ports, Airfields, Train Lines”. His presentation covered the new import-export trade policy between China and the United States and a recount of his personal experience working in this new environment.


Attorney Yanping Wang, the managing partner of Miller Canfield Shanghai Office, provided an excellent presentation on the most significant changes to the legal landscape of China in 2017. She categorized changes by legal sectors and weighed their importance by the probable effect on international trade between China and the United States.


On the afternoon, Mrs. Chaoyi Wang from Shangdong Yinghua Group, one of the leading cultural tourism companies in China, shared her first-hand experience on how Chinese entities, local governments and other executing countries responded to the OBOR initiative. At last, Mr. Robert Eckman, the Chief Information Security Officer from MCPc closed the speak of the day by discussing the current cyber-security concerns and how one should protect themselves and their information while traveling overseas. A heated panel discussion followed every presentation. Business and legal professionals from various backgrounds amicably shared their ideas, experiences and thoughts.


2月22日,克利夫兰中美商会2018年商业系列讲座第一期“‘一带一路’政策对美国企业的影响——机遇与挑战共存”正式开讲。为时一天的讲座邀请了来自国际一流货运公司东方海外货柜航运(OOCL)的专家Mr. Larry Zgrabik,为大家讲解了中美贸易进出口政策的最新动向。Miller Canfield律师事务所上海办公室合伙人、著名中美贸易法律专家王艳萍律师对中美商业法律中有重要意义的中国法律法规近年来的变更、实务运用、和影响进行了精彩的解析。中国大型文旅企业映华集团执行董事王超艺女士为大家提供了许多关于中国地方政府政策支持和中国企业执行“一带一路”政策的亲身体验和第一手资料。最后,MCPc网络安全公司的首席信息安全官Robert Eckman带来的“每个企业需知的信息网络安全注意事项”。讲座内容精彩纷呈,与会人员反响热烈。

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