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August: Annual Summer Social BBQ Networking Event

八月: 克利夫兰夏日烧烤联谊

  On August 18, the Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce hosted the Summer Social BBQ Networking event at the Bedford Reservation. Attendees including G4C members, first time Chamber event participants, and family and friends from communities near and far gathered in the beautiful picnic pavilion area to enjoy delicious Chinese style BBQ – “Chuan’er” along with an array of Chinese dishes.

   This year at the BBQ, we also offered a tutorial on utilizing WeChat, China’s largest and most influential social networking app; a now critical tool for businesses and individuals alike who want to establish a presence in Chinese communities around the world. Primarily though, the annual networking event once again succeeded in bringing together existing and new members, fostering friendships over good food, and offered a lovely afternoon outside for our community members to network and socialize.




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